Perceiving the Unique

Perceiving the Unique

Fashion designers 

There are plenty of famous fashion designers …. whether they’re extroverted, flashy, minimal, it’s important to be identified as unique. There lies the real challenge. If what makes you unique were something easy to do, anyone and everyone would be able to succeed. But finding the créme of the crop amongst the fashion industry might prove to be a challenge. After all, building a personality for an audience requires skill, study, and plenty of dedication

A real challenge is to actually be as unique as one might state. What makes A different from B? What’s A’s unique value? When one is developing oneself as a business, as a brand, or even as a movement, it’s important to have one's values well-founded. The audience is captivated once it understands the purpose behind and creates a connection, there the audience can learn to appreciate all the nights spent at work, finishing up a project; the many iterations, needed for perfection; the dedication, to the creation of pieces of art that envision the experience of the same emotions put into hours of work on a single garment.

The effort designers put into their work is easily perceived by plenty of factors that relate in a way, to the process which the designer or artist follows in order to achieve a certain product, or set line of products.

Believing that the defining factor is in fact only one factor, is understating what makes a great fashion designer. In turn, it ends up being the sum of multiple defining factors. How often do you engage with your audience, the type of interactions with your audience, how involved are you in your brand development, how well you choose at the moment of important decisions, who your allies are, and plenty of other decisive factors.

A very important factor that tends to be crucial for any professional in the creative field is the dedication and motivation part. Inspiration exists all around us, and it is always being absorbed by our subconscious, but it needs to find us working. When creatives get asked about their inspiration sources they tend to say the people they admire, but none mention the hours of effort and dedication that was invested into mastering a craft. And the hours that will still be dedicated in order to keep pushing themselves in order to achieve something better with each iteration.

Designers that constantly strive to better their work with each iteration are bound to keep getting better without a doubt. Designers that release new material each season tells you about the order and organization a designer needs to maintain relevance towards their audience and the world. Worthwhile designers also promote their work through something that provokes an emotion in their audience, getting them closer to their brand and asserting the sense of belonging and community 

Humans have always missed balance in their everyday lives.  Striving for balance tends to bring the best of both worlds, it allows us to perceive an otherwise unknown point of view.  Designers that achieve this balance between pleasing their audience and being able to express themselves as they please is very uncommon to achieve.

Designers who achieve this tend to have empathic links to their audience, as they are able to fulfill the needs of their community by allowing their creative subconscious to take hold of their work and letting themselves enter a flow-state. 

What are your thoughts on Unique fashion designers? What do you think makes a fashion designer authentic?

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