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Signs of Uniqueness in Fashion

Signs of Uniqueness in Fashion

U·NIQUE /yo͞oˈnēk/
Being the only one of its kind; unlike anything else.
Of a feature, such that only one holder has it 

Being unique in this day and age can be uncommon. In this day and age, we are so many people, that everything must already be made, created, thought, designed.

Uniqueness comes from multiple factors. Reducing an objects’ uniqueness to a simple factor is dismissing the effort designers & artists go through to create products that act as an expression of their feelings and vision. To create something material from the abstract mind is a skill not everyone possesses too, so just naming a few, the uniqueness of an object can be defined by its context and the impact it produces in a present and future scenario.

A balance between art and design
Design and Art are very different indeed. But Design basically provides a solution, whilst art provides a means for the expression of the artist. When these 2 are mixed we get experiments that are functional, attractive, and completely unique in the way it solves the solution. We love it. 

When you add to the equation that the object in stage also has a powerful semiotic message (colors, textures, patterns, and components that transmit a message to the holder & beholder) it becomes something that connects to us on a deeper level. The garment has the power to transmit complete emotions, others represent a state of mind and even a state of being. 

The connection the clothe produces
Garments are understood universally within the niché, it’s a complete game-changer to be able to empathize with a community that understands you and represents the way you live your life. Inspired artists tend to produce mesmerizing designs, in part thanks to whatever their motivation may be. Artists guided by proper principles such as love and passion for the sake of it, tend to have a longer flame, and a deeper imprint in their products too. It’s normal to perceive the intent on their products, and that can help deepen your connection to the item

What is the purpose behind the product? Is it an experiment? What does it transmit? How does it feel?

The purpose the artist gives its creations is more than just giving the product an intention. It’s the ability to turn any emotion a stare even into something physical. To transport ideas from one state of matter into another is an uncommon skill.

When the garments are made to transmit the energy of their community, it is made to connect with their receiver. A purpose should be made clear in an inconspicuous way, it should be transmitted, allowing it to happen through us and allowing ourselves to play the role of translating and transmitting

How integral the solution is
As the 21st century began we all thought fashion, design, and art were successful as long as they had exposure and one could produce a lot in very little time. A pointless race.

As of now, we are entering a much deeper scene. Resources are not (never were) as limitless as they used to be. Materials that were once the newest innovation in the market are now considered dangers for the world.

Thinking about variables to consider regarding social, ecological, and systematical matters can be overwhelming, but necessary and part of our responsibility if we seek to play our part in a brighter future. Designs that consider its environment, its repercussions, and its whole timeline are made to last and that gives us a valuable solution to problems of the future. It allows us the receivers, to feel tranquil about the consequences the product we are supporting might have

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